EMASS Leadership Team

Photo of Dr. Turner Kara Turner, Ph.D. | Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Success
kara.turner@morgan.edu | 443-885-3126
Photo of Dr. Tosin OluwaTosin Adegbola, Ph.D. | Special Advisor, Office of Student Leadership and Scholar Development
oluwatosin.adegbola@morgan.edu | 443-885-5961
Photo of Ernest Bevard Ernest Brevard Jr, Ed.D. | Special Assistant to the Vice President and Director of Budget, Planning, and Operations for Enrollment Management and Student Success
ernest.brevard@morgan.edu | 443-885-3126
Photo of Keisha Campbell Keisha Campbell | University Registrar, Office of the Registrar  
keisha.campbell@morgan.edu | 443-885-3300
Photo of Shonda Gray-Cain Shonda Gray-Cain | Director, Office of Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment
shonda.gray@morgan.edu | 443-885-3000
Photo of Dr. Brenda James Brenda James, Ph.D. | Director, Center for Academic Success and Achievement
brenda.james@morgan.edu | 443-885-3380
Dr. Mfume Tiffany Mfume, Dr.PH. | Assistant Vice President, Office of Student Success and Retention 
tiffany.mfume@morgan.edu | 443-885-3651
Photo Aisha Odero Aisha Odero | Technical Analyst
aisha.odero@morgan.edu | 443-885-3828
Photo of Dr. Carl White Carl White, Ph.D. | Special Advisor, Office of Strategic Enrollment Partnerships
carl.white@morgan.edu | 443-885-3913
Chevaun Whitman Photo Chevaun Whitman | Director, Bear Essentials Morgan's One-Stop for Student Services
chevaun.whitman@morgan.edu | 443-885-5080
Tanya Wilkerson Tanya Wilkerson | Director, Office of Financial Aid
tanya.wilkerson@morgan.edu | 443-885-3170