Welcome General Studies Majors!

Who is a General Studies Major?

A general studies major or an undelcared major is a student who have not yet selected a major.

When Should I Declare my Major?

Morgan State University does not have a policy pertaining to the timeframe for declaring a major, but students typically begin taking major courses in their sophomore and junior years. Students must also have a declared major to graduate from Morgan. Therefore, students are advised to select a major by the end of their sophomore year.

How do I Declare my Major?

To declare your major you must first meet with your academic advisor to discuss the transition to a new major and other pertinent information. Then complete the Change of Major form located on the Office of the Registrar's web page. To complete the form you must have the signatures of the appropriate chairpersons. 

Who is my Academic Advisor?

As a student with a general studies major, you are assigned one of five academic advisors under the Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA). Students are assigned an undelcared advisor based on the first letter of the student's last name.

General Studies Advisors

Do I Have an Academic Advising Hold on my WEBSIS Account?

Yes, as a general studies major you will have an academic advising hold placed on your account. This hold is in place to:

  • encourage you to meet with your academic advisor prior to adding/dropping/withdrawing/registering for courses.

  • help to ensure that you are receiving proper guidance in regards to major exploration/declaration, scheduling, resolving academic challenges, understanding policies and procedures of MSU, and the availability of academic resources throughout campus etc.

  • aid in fostering communication between you and your advisor. For example, your advisor can assist you in exploring various major and career options prior to you selecting a major.

When Will the Hold be Removed?

When you officially declare a major the hold is removed from your WEBSIS account. Until then, the hold is advanced or temporarily lifted each time you meet with your advisor to make a change (register, add, drop, withdraw) to your class schedule.