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DIT Newsletters

DIT News Announcements

05/11/2018 (FACULTY and STAFF) - Upcoming Upgrades to Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 Computers
03/13/2018 (FACULTY, STAFF and STUDENTS) - New Service Desk Phone Features
10/16/2017 (FACULTY and STAFF) - Software Installation Request Procedures
10/06/2017 (FACULTY, STAFF, and STUDENTS) - Disabling Google Classroom and Google Sites
10/06/2017 (FACULTY, STAFF, and STUDENTS) - Reminder regarding Unauthorized Network Devices
09/11/2017 & 09/12/2017 (FACULTY, STAFF, and STUDENTS) - Equifax Data Breach - How to Protect Yourself
08/07/2017 (FACULTY, STAFF, and STUDENTS) - Password Reset Profile Requirement
07/10/2017 (FACULTY and STAFF) - Employee ID Requirement for Account Changes
07/10/2017 (STUDENTS) - Student ID Requirement for Account Changes
03/29/2017  (FACULTY, STAFF, and STUDENTS)  -  Windows Login Information
11/01/2016 (FACULTY, STAFF, and STUDENTS) - Security Update News
08/22/2016 (FACULTY, STAFF, and STUDENTS) - Safe Computing Reminders
07/26/2016 (FACULTY, STAFF, and STUDENTS) - Testing of Email Protection Technology
06/27/2016 (FACULTY and STAFF) - NGN Phone Upgrade Notice
05/03/2016 (FACULTY, STAFF, and STUDENTS) - WARNING: Browser Based Attacks Stealing Passwords
04/25/2016 (FACULTY, STAFF, and STUDENTS) - Recommended Action: Uninstall QuickTime for Windows
04/12/2016 (FACULTY, STAFF, and STUDENTS) - Discontinuation of Google Error Reporting Form
04/07/2016 (FACULTY, STAFF, and STUDENTS) - University Network Upgrade Work Notice #2
03/25/2016 (FACULTY, STAFF, and STUDENTS) - University Network Upgrade Work Notice #1
02/23/2016 (FACULTY, STAFF, and STUDENTS) - Major Technology Transformation Project Underway
01/20/2016 (FACULTY, STAFF, and STUDENTS) - MS Internet Explorer End-of-Life Communication
01/19/2016 (FACULTY and STAFF) - Upcoming Changes to the Administration of your Computer System