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Coronavirus Information & Resources

Cancellation of University Travel

A Message from the University Office of the Comptroller
Instructions for Cancelling Travel
March 9, 2020


Cancellation of University Travel

In light of the travel restrictions currently in place due to the spread of the coronavirus, all travel (domestic and international) for the University's faculty, staff, and students are being canceled/ postponed. For the canceled/postponed trips, the University's travelers and/or designees should use the following procedures to cancel trips:

l. Airfare/ train tickets

A. If the ticket is already booked and Globetrotter Travel was used, contact Globetrotter Travel as soon as possible.

a. Airline tickets are, for the most part, nonrefundable. Globetrotter Travel will issue a credit for the canceled ticket with the same airline if you travel within 1 year.

B. If you paid for the airline ticket using personal funds and the trip was approved by the University, the University will reimburse you for the ticket cost with the submission of an approved State of Maryland travel expense account if it is not refundable or a credit was not issued. The credit for a future flight with the same airline should however still apply.

C. Train tickets are refundable. Contact the entity where the ticket was purchased to receive a refund.

a. If purchased through Globetrotter Travel, the University was already charged. We should receive a refund for all train tickets not used.

b. The University will not reimburse individuals that purchased train tickets using their personal funds if a trip was canceled.

II. Registration Fees

A. For conferences that have been canceled, verify the registration fee has been refunded to the particular credit card (personal credit card, University Purchasing card, or check).

B. For active conferences where the University traveler decides not to attend, contact the conference representative to try to get a full or partial refund.

III. Hotel costs

A. Contact the hotel as soon as possible to cancel the hotel reservation.

IV. Cancellation and other fees

A. Although many upcoming trips are being canceled, the University is still expecting costs for the canceled/ postponed trips. If a person pays any nonrefundable costs out of pocket, the University will reimburse you for these costs if the travel has an approved Out-of-State Travel authorization.

V. Cancellation of the Banner Travel encumbrances. When a University paid for trip is approved, a travel purchase order is created in Banner. These purchase orders for the canceled travel now need to be reduced/removed from Banner Finance. The cancellation of the Banner travel purchase orders (the ‘TL numbers') should be removed based on the circumstances. Listed below are 2 options:

A. With no reimbursable costs, the traveler or designee is to email Trisha Baichoo ( with the appropriate information. We have provided the underlined sample for a typical email:

Please cancel the following travels in Banner. The trips have been canceled:

Name of travelers          ‘TL'# Globetrotter            (Y or N)*

Mary Researcher            TL99999                             Y

John Student                  TL99998                             N

*Airline ticket has been purchased through Globetrotter Travel (Y or N)

B. With reimbursable costs, the traveler completes the State of Maryland Expense account form appropriately. Put the words ‘CLOSE OUT' in the upper left corner of the form. This verbiage will tell us to cancel out the balance of the encumbrance.

Should you have any questions or require any additional information, please contact the office of the Comptroller at 443.885.3045 or via email at