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GatherSmart App: Screening Questions

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Effective August 2, 2021, the University will be using the GatherSmart app to conduct symptom check and exposure monitoring for those returning to campus. This tool is a phone based app that will require you to answer several COVID-19 related questions before entering the campus or leaving your Residence Hall. This app will replace the paper questionnaire.


GatherSmart app screenFor email-enabled mobile device users (students and employees only):

  1. Check your email
    • On the mobile device (cell or tablet) you intend to use when coming to campus, open your email. Find an email with subject “Enroll to GatherSmart”; click “OnBoard Link”
  2. Download App
    • After clicking the “Onboard Link”, the screen will appear (if not, refresh the screen)
    • Click the three dots in the top right to “Add to HomeScreen” (see screenshot)
    • Check your mobile device, your app should now be downloaded. NOTE: you will NOT have to download this app again.

Video instructions for downloading the app can be found below.

view Android Instructions || view iOS Instructions

No email-enabled mobile device? No problem. Please go to one of the Campus Check-In locations – see the “Campus Check In” section below.


  • Before you arrive to campus (on the same day of your arrival), click on the GatherSmart app on your mobile device.
  • Click “New Survey” at the bottom right of the screen to begin your survey.
  • On the next screen, select your campus destination (building) and click “Start survey now”
  • Answer the pre-screening questions accurately.
    • If you are “CLEARED” to report to campus, you will get a QR Code that is now your “passport” to be on campus for the day.
    • If you are NOT cleared to report to campus, contact your supervisor immediately!


All students, employees, and visitors will be required to check-in with the security guard at one of the following locations:

  • Richardson Library
  • Graves School of Business
  • Martin D. Jenkins Hall (West Campus)
  • Montebello Complex
  • Murphy Fine Arts Center
  • Communications Center
  • Mitchell Engineering Building
  • Tyler Hall
  • Rawlings Dining Hall

For those without access to an email-enabled mobile device or visitors, you will be required to answer several COVID-19 related questions at the above approved/open locations.

For email-enabled mobile device users, have your QR code ready for the security guard to scan at the above approved/open locations.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the GatherSmart app or daily screening questions, email