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Office of the Comptroller

Interviewee Travel

The University can reimburse the travel costs for individuals interviewing for employment at the University.  If determined as eligible for reimbursement by the area vice president, the following steps are followed:

  1. The interviewee submits a memo to the originating department, with original receipts attached, documenting the costs to be reimbursed. The memo should include the interviewee's social security number, mailing address, requested reimbursement, and signature.
  2. The originating department forwards the documentation in #1 to their area vice president.
  3. The area vice president forwards the documentation to the office of the Vice President for Finance and Management office (VPFM).
  4. The VPFM reviews the costs to verify that proper receipts have been submitted and expenses, such as mileage and/or meals, are in line with the current per diem rates.
  5. If the documentation is in order, the VPFM forwards the package with a memo to the Comptroller’s Office. The  memo will include, but not be limited to, the interviewee's name, social security number, mailing address, detailed amounts to be reimbursed,  and the Banner charge code for the interview costs.
  6. The Comptroller's Office processes the reimbursement directly to the interviewee via the  State Comptroller’s Office.

NOTE: Using the University's purchasing card or the University's designated travel agency to pay some of the travel costs is not allowed.