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Office of the Comptroller

Travel Accommodations

If approved for overnight travel, please be prudent when choosing a hotel as their costs can vary significantly. When choosing a hotel, the traveler or designee is advised to compare prices for the various hotels within a reasonable distance from the conference or destination. In addition, notify the hotels that you are eligible if they offer a government rate discount*.

Most hotels accept the credit card/ purchasing card as a payment method. If a credit card/ purchasing card was used to reserve a room and the travel was cancelled, the traveler must contact the hotel as soon as possible of the cancellation. Hotels will charge the credit card/ purchasing card for the hotel stay when not notified of the cancellation.

*If a hotel does offer a government rate discount, please be prepared to present an official State of Maryland ID card to the hotel, not the University's Bear Card. If the traveler does not have an official State of Maryland ID card, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Finance & Management for further information.

If the travel is subject to the Federal Joint Travel rules and rates, the hotel chosen must be in accordance with the Federal Joint Travel rules and rates.

Federally funded travel using Joint Travel rule and rates:

Airbnb Policy