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Office of the Comptroller

Group/Team Travel

For Group/Team travel (employee & students on the same trip), please fill out one (1) Individual Request for Approval of Out-of-State Travel (Comp01) form summarizing the total expenses of the group/team. Please submit attendee lists with all travel authorization forms where an advance is requested. Effective immediately, for all group travel the Office of the Comptroller/Working Fund division will compute the per diem rates against the attendee list to confirm the advance amount requested is allowable. In addition, an attendee listing with the player's signatures is required with the expense report.

Travel Authorization form

One expense account is submitted for the entire group. To support the meal expenses, the students that attended must sign a listing indicating the date(s) meal money was received with the amount(s). The listing is attached to the completed GAD form X-5.

GAD Form X-5 (Travel January 1, 2022)

GAD Form X-5 (Travel January 1, 2021)

GAD Form X-5 (Travel prior to January 1, 2021)