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Office of the Comptroller

Airline Train Information

University's Travel Agency

The University's current designated travel agency is Globetrotter Travel Management Services (Globetrotter). Please contact them to obtain airline and other common carrier prices and to book the tickets once authorized. Their phone number is 1-888-337-2462, press 1. The University pays Globetrotter directly for authorized tickets.

For the University travelers utilizing Globetrotter

The traveler or their designee/ advisor will receive their approved Comp01 form either by email or fax from the Comptroller's Office. The travel approval number (TL x x x x x) should be phoned in to Globetrotter as soon as possible by the traveler/ designee. Globetrotter will book the ticket(s) upon receiving the travel approval number and email the ticketing information to the traveler or designee.
Always print a copy of your itinerary/ invoice immediately upon receiving your electronic ticket information via email from Globetrotter. The link to the invoice included in the email expires once the travel has taken place and Globetrotter will not provide a copy of the invoice after this expiration. Any requests for copies have to be requested from the University Travel Coordinator.

  • As of March 1, 2022 through currently, the travel agent ticketing fee is $23.75
  • Please be economical and budget-conscious when purchasing airfare. Globetrotter is required to inform travelers of the lowest fare. Any request for a flight resulting in a higher fare must be approved by the University Travel Coordinator (Frances Morgan 3058)

For the University travelers NOT utilizing Globetrotter

If you require an airline or a train ticket and are granted permission by the University's Travel Office (extension 3058 or 4693) not to use Globetrotter, please include the airline or train ticket quote from Globetrotter with your completed State of Maryland Expense Account form.

Fly America Act for Federal Travel

The Fly America Act applies only to airline tickets being paid from Federal Grants and Contracts or Federal Pass Thru Grants. If the traveler is unsure of the funding source, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs or Restricted Funds Accounting.

In summary, the Fly America Act requires the traveler to use a United State based airline regardless of cost. The traveler or designee needs to inform the travel agent that the funding source for the airline ticket is federal.

If following the Fly America Act creates a conflict with the travel, there are exceptions to the Fly America Act that can be explored on a case by case basis. A Fly America Act Waiver, if granted, should be given before an airline ticket is reserved.

Airline Fees

Many airlines are now charging new service fees. These fees vary by airline. Here is a partial listing of some of these fees:

  1. Luggage fees (up to $50 per standard bag)
  2. Curbside check-in fee
  3. Food and beverage fees
  4. Blanket and pillow fees

These additional fees are not included in the price of your ticket and must be paid by the traveler as the service is requested/received. Please consult your travel agent for specific fees your airline will be charging. Not all of these fees are to be paid by the University. However, for the fees that will be reimbursed, you should include these costs within your completed 'Request for Approval of Out-of-State Travel' form (COMP/01).

Air Travel Accident Insurance

Air travel insurance is automatically provided through the State Treasurer's Office. If additional insurance is purchased, the University will not pay for the travel insurance cost.