Undergraduate Program in Psychology

Academic programs offered at Morgan State University help to foster valuable transferable skills. Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior. Students studying in the psychology department at Morgan State University will gain an appreciation for the complexity of human nature while gaining other skills such as critical thinking.

Listed are skills and abilities garnered by students:

Research Skills

Framing a research question
Developing theories /ideas
Gathering information
Observing people/data/things
Clarifying goals /problems
Summarizing results
Synthesizing conclusions

Analytical Skills

Defining problem areas
Creating a system to analyze data
Organizing and analyzing data
Offering new perspectives
Developing new solutions for recurring problems
Evaluating theory and evidence
Comparing/contrasting ideas and information

Interpersonal Skills

Analyzing/modifying behavior
Perceiving and understanding individual differences
Fostering group dynamics
Exhibiting empathy towards others
Identifying and understanding needs

Communication Skills

Influencing and persuading groups /people
Informing/explaining ideas
Mediating/negotiating conflicts
Writing clearly
Presenting complex ideas and information effectively



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