Justin Bonny

Assistant Professor
Office Location: 
Jenkins room 410

Dr. Bonny is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Morgan State University. His research interests focus on how individual differences in informal activities (e.g., hobbies) and mathematics ability are reflected in cognitive and social processes and can be altered using technology. In his research, Dr. Bonny investigates (i) cognitive underpinnings of STEM skills in children and adults, examining how evolutionarily ancient perceptual representations are linked to arithmetic and geometric ability, (ii) how sociocognitive processes are connected to experience in informal activities such as team-based video game play and hip hop dance, and (iii) how individual differences in sociocognitive abilities transfer to, and can be enhanced using, augmented and virtual reality environments. Dr. Bonny earned his Ph.D. in psychology from Emory University in 2013 and has previously worked as a research psychologist for an education research organization, community college professor at a minority-serving institution, an instructor at a research university, and a research and applied scientist for the Navy. He has authored several peer-reviewed articles and has numerous presentations spanning applied, cognitive, and developmental psychology programs. Dr. Bonny has mentored several undergraduate and community college students, several of whom have been co-authors on research articles and conference presentations.

Research: Please visit the website for the Cognitive, Applied, and Perceptual Research (CAPR) Lab [https://sites.google.com/a/morgan.edu/capr/] to find out more about Dr. Bonny's research and publications.

Areas of Specialization: cognition, applied cognitive psychology, perceptual cognition, quantitative reasoning, learning, education, social cognition, development.