In an effort to fulfill the general mission of the university, the Department of Political Science and Public Policy has established the following goals:

  1. To assist students in becoming responsible, intelligent and informed members of the local, national and global communities.
  2. To provide students with a comprehensive and sound understanding of the evolution of political ideas, the nature of politics and political behavior, different systems of government, and the structure and functions of the governments of the United States, the European Union, Russia, China, Japan, and Latin American and African nations.
  3. To develop in students the ability to analyze and interpret the discovery of political facts and the acquisition of political knowledge.
  4. To promote and encourage the development of the scientific approach to political research, problem analysis, interpretation and solution.
  5. To develop in students the ability to deal effectively with political problems peculiar to minorities.
  6. To prepare students for graduate study in political science.
  7. To assist students in their preparation for law school.
  8. To prepare students for career opportunities, following graduation, in governmental and social services and the business world.
  9. To provide opportunities for students to merge the theoretical learning of the classroom with practical work in the workplace and practical participation in political affairs.