Transferable Skills

What can a degree in philosophy do for you?  

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Critical Thinking Skills

Leadership and Administrative Skills

Communication and Interpersonal Skills


·         Deductive reasoning

·         Evidence evaluation

·         Curiosity and creativity

·         Understanding both differences between and relation of specific and general ideas.

·         Identification, analysis, and evaluation of arguments


·         Ability to organize concepts and textual evidence

·         Sharpened understanding of diverse points of view.

·         Conflict resolution

·         Ability to work in teams

·         Learning to criticize others in a productive manner.


·         Balanced skill of passionate and dispassionate dialogue

·         Sharpened professional writing skills.

·         Oral presentations

·         Ability to communicate across differences

·         Accepting critical feedback

Research Skills

Skills in Assessing Values

Specialized Skills


·         Ability to use scholarly search engines

·         Ability to cite sources

·         Ability to evaluate the strength of sources

·         Ability to avoid plagiarism

·         Resourcefulness


·         Learning multiple ways to navigate morally problematic situations

·         Learning the relationship between culture and values


·         Close reading of texts

·         The Socratic method

·         Understanding symbolic logic

·         Increased philosophical vocabulary