Dr. Vadim Jigoulov

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Ph.D., The University of Michigan


Ph.D., The University of Michigan

A native of Kostroma, Russia, Vadim Jigoulov received his Ph.D. in Near Eastern Studies at the University of Michigan (2006). At Michigan, he studied languages, religions, history, and archaeology of the Ancient Near East. In his dissertation titled "Towards a Social History of the Phoenician City-States in the Achaemenid Empire," he explored the evidence from Persian-period literary (both ancient Jewish and classical), epigraphic, and numismatic sources, as well as material culture remains, in order to arrive at a socio-historical model of the Phoenician city-states. In his dissertation Vadim explored the relationship between the Persian Empire and Phoenicia and proposed further evidence for the Persian-period provenance of the DtrH texts in the Hebrew Bible.

Vadim has been teaching at Morgan State University since Fall of 2008 and he appreciates what the city of Baltimore has to offer. He made Baltimore his home for the time being raising two daughters, Aleksandra (Sasha) and Anastasia (Ana) with his wife Maria.

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Specialization: Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, Archaeology, Languages of the Ancient Near East (Hebrew, Aramaic, Phoenician), History of the Persian Empire.