The Visual Art Area offers a Bachelor of Art (B.A.) degree in Fine Art.  The goals of the Fine Art Major are to provide the opportunity for the student to develop historical and philosophical perspectives on the visual arts; to provide the opportunity for the student to develop a competitive portfolio of work or experiences in one or more areas of the visual arts; and to develop the student's capacity for diligent and persistent inquiry about his or her work and environment. 


 The department offers the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree in Fine Art. Under this degree program, students may follow tracks in three areas of fine art: (1) Art History/ Museum Studies, (2) Graphic Design/Illus- tration, or (3) Multi-Media Studio. It also offers minors in Museum Studies and Fine Art for those wishing to devel- op their arts interests as a supplement to their major field. 

Areas of Study ( 66 credits total)

Art History Track 

Students studying Art History focus on the visual history of several cultures throught the world

Graphic Design

Graphic Design majors focus on the history of design, design theory, develop design skills and a personal design philosophy

Illustration Track

Illustration majors are encouraged to experiment with different media and current technologies

Multi-Media Studio Track

Multi-Media Studio deals primarily with the plastic arts such as Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Photography and Printmaking

Minor in Fine Art (18 credits total)

Students who minor in Fine Art are encouraged to pursue their artistic interests even though their major interest is in another discipline