The Theatre Arts Area offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree in Theatre Arts

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 Theatre Arts at Morgan State University is meant to:

1. provide an inclusive undergraduate education in Theatre.  The student will be prepared for graduate school, professional theatre training programs, and teaching of Theatre at the secondary education level. Courses taken in Theatre Arts will provide the foundation for students in their appreciation and understanding of Theatre. 

2. provide all Morgan State University students with educational and theatrical experiences that enhance their understanding and aesthetic appreciation of stage productions and literature.

3. serve as a vital force in the cultural and intellectual life of Morgan State University, the community, and throughout the surrounding area.

The activities of the Theatre Arts area reflect Morgan State University's commitment to excellence in teaching and creative activity. Its principle research mission is creative activity. By directing, acting, designing and writing for the Theatre both in their on-campus laboratory, Turpin-Lamb Theatre, and professionally in American Theatre, the Theatre Arts faculty enhance their artistic capabilities and enrich their effectiveness in the classroom.

 The Theatre Arts program serves as a resource to school teachers in the State of Maryland by providing special performances and study guides for students, and consultation in the areas of theatrical    production and curriculum.

Theatre is a collaborative art. Collaboration implies individuals working as a unit and is predicated on mutual respect among those individuals as artists, as scholar, as people.  Theatre is a living art. Because theatre is alive and exists in the present tense, it can bog down--lose its magic--if the human beings engaged in it do not seek or embrace ways of collaborating which release individual intelligences, creative energies, spirits, and courage.    Teaching theatre to the next generation of imaginers, thinkers, and doers expects integrity and accountability to our students, our profession, and our colleague collaborators. And, because teaching Theatre is also a collaborative living art, it is intrinsically bound up with how well its collaborators, its living beings, function together.