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College of Interdisciplinary & Continuing Studies

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Crystol Sills

Interim Assistant Dean, College of Interdisciplinary & Continuing Studies, College of Interdisciplinary & Continuing Studies

Office: 206 McKeldin Center
Phone: 443-885-4684

Crystol Sills is passionate about implementing technology and transforming processes and systems to ensure optimal organization performance. As a leader, she prioritizes helping others achieve their dreams and reaching their full potential. She supports transformation through strategic planning, compassionate change management, and continuous evaluation of operational effectiveness. She consistently shares her knowledge and approach with her colleagues, students, and other University constituents.

Ms. Sills has provided leadership on projects with a diverse range of public and private organizations to improve performance and strengthen organizational effectiveness. She has over thirty years of experience in university administration, business analytics, grant and finance management. Previously, she has served as the Financial Manager for the School of Graduate Studies at Morgan State University. She has served as a Financial Analyst and a Financial Manager at Johns Hopkins University. Her volunteer service has included serving as the Chief Financial Officer for a private school in Baltimore County and as trustee of a church in Baltimore City. She has extensive experience developing financial systems for small companies and churches.

Ms. Sills holds a a bachelor’s (B.S.) from Morgan State University in Business Administration and a master’s (MBA) in Financial Management from Johns Hopkins University. She is currently a doctoral candidate in the Higher Education program at Morgan State University. She is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and graduated from Western High School.