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Wayne Resnick

Wayne Resnick

Executive Vice President, Martin's Caterers,

Office: Truth Hall, Rm. 406
Phone: 443-885-3086

Wayne Resnick was born in Baltimore, Maryland on October 4, 1958. He attended Monmouth College in New Jersey and University of Maryland in College Park. In 1981 he married his wife Kim and they are the proud parents of a daughter and a son, and 4 Grandchildren.

Wayne started working for his father's catering business in 1978. He worked in various positions such as dishwasher, Maitre D', Manager, General Manager and is now the President & CEO of the 6 Martin's facilities. Learning all of the different jobs has enabled him to understand the business and provides him with valuable insight to operate the company. There are many long time employees (some with over 40 years) with Martin's and Wayne feels these employees have been instrumental in helping him grow and learn the business. Wayne knows most employees by first name and can usually reminisce past work related experiences of the veteran employees.