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Bear Tracks is Morgan's Career Pathways Initiative (CPI), a $2 million investment by the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) to strengthen career placement outcomes by increasing the number of Morgan graduates who achieve "meaningful employment immediately after graduation."

Bear Tracks uses a UNCF's three-pronged approach designed to shape an undergraduate experience that results in "Students Engaged to Learn":

  • Guided Pathways - engaging students in their learning journey early on , and ensuring that they get on, stay on, and graduate from an academic pathway that facilitates personal and professional growth.
  • Curricular Enhancements - a collaborative redesign of current curricula to streamline course and program offerings and embed knowledge and skills that are essential for life in the 21st century into student learning outcomes.
  • Integrated Co-Curricular Engagement - Integration of learning activities from outside the classroom with coursework that increase students' skill development and competencies.

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