Provost's Message

Dr. T.Joan Robinson, Provost

T.Joan Robinson, Ph.D.
Provost & Vice President
for Academic Affairs

Dear Morgan Community:

The evaluation team of the Middle States Commission for Higher Education conducted a ten-year accreditation review of Morgan State University on April 6-9, 2008.  The review sought to determine whether, or to what extent, the institution met the fourteen standards outlined in its Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education.  The evaluation team was impressed with the performance and progress of the institution, despite difficult economic and other resource constraints. 

Although the institution met all of the 14 Middle States standards, the review team, in its decennial review, made a number of recommendations and required that Morgan submit a periodic review report in five years demonstrating progress in those areas indicated in the recommendations.  Morgan is currently addressing those recommendations in its Middle States Periodic Review Report (PRR), which is due in Spring 2013.  

The Middle States Periodic Review Report (PRR) must present a report on the institution’s past, current and projected progress in the areas noted in the 2008 recommendation. In other words, as an essential phase of the accreditation cycle, the PRR must demonstrate that Morgan continues to meet the standards by which Middle States reaffirms or denies accreditation.  The recommendations made by the team at the last site visit in 2008 were:

  1. Standard 1 – Mission:  that the University widely distribute the mission statement and publish it on the website, in the catalog and in all public documents;
  2. Standard 7 --  Institutional Assessment:  that the University (a) re-examine and rewrite the Comprehensive Assessment Plan to include mission-based assessment goals for student learning, academic programs, services, and administrative processes and (b) implement the revised Comprehensive Assessment Plan in a timely fashion; an
  3. Standard 11 – Educational Offerings:  that the University implements its periodic review of graduate and undergraduate programs using the policies and procedures develop by the Ad Hoc Task Force on the Periodic Review of Programs.

I am requesting that all of us cooperate and work with the Middle States PRR Steering Committee and assist in demonstrating our continued compliance with Middle States standards and our progress toward program improvement.  

Thank you for your cooperation in this regard,


T. Joan Robinson, PhD
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs