Visiting Student Information

Please Note: The last day to apply for admission to Morgan State University for Summer Session I is May 24, 2020 and July 3, 2020 for Summer Session II.

Once you have been admitted to Morgan State University as a visiting student, please use your username and password to log on to our Visiting Student Orientation at If you are having issues with either your username or password, please refer to this Technology FAQ or contact our Service Desk (443-885-4357 or

Visiting students must apply for admission and be admitted before registering for classes. Click here to apply for admission to Morgan State University as a visiting student at the undergraduate level.  (Note that you do not need to submit your transcript, your SAT scores, or an application essay.  You will be asked to email your transcript to the Office of Summer Session directly only if a pre-requisite override is needed.) Your point of contact for the admissions process is the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for undergraduate classes and The School of Graduate Studies for graduate admissions. Contact the Office of Summer Session if you need assistance tracking the status of your application.

Visiting students may wish to view this instructional video to learn how to register for classes once they have been admitted to Morgan. You may also wish to watch this instructional video describing how to pay your tuition and fees.

If you are a visiting student and need advice regarding an override or a hold on your account, please contact the Office of Summer Session at the email address or telephone number below. 

If you have any questions, email