Frequently Asked Questions - Summer Session at Morgan State University

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT BILLING: If you have registered for a Summer Session course and no longer wish to attend that course, you must drop the course prior to the first day classes (of that particular Summer Session) in order to avoid tuition and fees charges. Please familiarize yourself with Morgan State University's academic policies related to withdrawal as published in the Undergraduate Catalog. In particular, note that: Students are advised that discontinued attendance does not constitute dropping or withdrawing from a class. Failure to report for any class that appears on students' schedules may result in a grade of "NA" or "F". In either case, the financial charges apply.

Q: Can non-degree or "visiting" students take summer classes at Morgan State University?

A: Yes, Non-degree seeking or "visiting" students are eligible to take classes during either or both Summer Session I or II at the undergraduate level (please see the current Academic Calendar for session dates and deadlines). All non-degree or visiting students must apply for admission to Morgan State University using the online application. Applicants must identify themselves as a "visiting student non-degree." Any visiting student who wishes to transfer credits earned at Morgan State to their home institution must also present a letter of approval from the home institution. (Note that Summer Session enrollment is not available for graduate-level courses for those students who are visiting from other institutions. Contact the Graduate School at 443-885-3185 for information about admission to Morgan's various graduate programs.)

Application Procedures for Non-Degree Students  

    1. Submit online application for non-degree enrollment. Note that you will need to provide a letter from your advisor or your department at your home institute stating that they will accept the transfer of your Morgan credits. (This letter should be emailed to  If you need help obtaining a syllabus for the Morgan State course, please contact us at the email address at the bottom of this page for assistance.
    2. Pay the application fee.  
    3. Register for classes in a timely manner.  
    4. Contact the department or program offering the class to inquire if an override is necessary.

Advisory Notices  

Non-degree or visiting students should be advised of the following:

      • Non-degree or visiting students are not eligible for financial aid or Veterans Administration (VA) benefits;
      • International students on F-1 visas are not eligible for admission as non-degree or visiting students unless they have permission from their host institution or are on practical training; and,
      • Non-degree or visiting students who decide to matriculate at Morgan must satisfy all criteria for regular admission and must successfully complete all degree requirements for their major including, but not necessarily limited to, orientation courses, prerequisite courses, theses, and proficiency, exit, or qualifying examinations.
      • For prerequisite overrides, please seek permission from the department offering the course. A list of departments may be found online here:

Q: Can high school students take summer classes at Morgan State University?

A: Yes. High school students should apply for admission as a "visiting" or "non-degree seeking" student.  As noted above, the application fee is $35.00.  High school students may only enroll in 100-level courses.  High school students must also submit the following material to the Office of Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment:

a) a letter of support from their guidance counselor
b) a letter of permission from their parent or guardian

Q: Are summer courses guaranteed to run?

A: No. Undergraduate courses with fewer than fifteen (15) students and graduate courses with fewer than six (6) students are subject to cancellation. Please consult with the course instructor and/or the Division of Academic Outreach and Engagement at 443-885-4694 if you have concerns about whether or not your course will be cancelled.

Q: What courses are being offered?

A: Please see the information on this page.      

Q: What online or hybrid courses are being offered?

A:  A list of online/hybrid courses is available here.

Q: How do I log in to online courses?

A: Morgan State University uses Canvas as an online learning platform. To access Canvas, go to: and click "Canvas." For "how to" information, students may log on to the Canvas Hub. For 24-hour help with Canvas, students may dial this hotline: 1 (443) 873-0119. Faculty/Staff should dial 1 (443) 687-7595. Note that you will need a Morgan State University username and password in order to use these resources.

Q: I have been admitted to Morgan as an undergraduate student for the upcoming fall semester. May I enroll in courses during the summer?

A: Yes, but you will have to enroll in the Summer Session as a non-degree student.  Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment to complete the necessary paperwork.  The credits you earn will be subsequently transferred to your official transcript. Please contact the Office of Transfer Student Programming at 443-885-3711 if you have questions about the suitability of any coursework for transfer.  

Q: I will graduate from Morgan State University before the Summer Session begins.  Am I eligible to enroll in Summer Session classes?

A. Yes, but you will have to reapply for admission to the University.  Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment at 443-885-3000 if you have any questions about this process. 

Q: I applied for undergraduate admission so I could enroll in the Summer Session. How do I determine the status of my application?

A: Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment at 443-885-1000. 

Q: I am a newly admitted student. How do I register? What is my email address?

A: Please review the Technology FAQ for Students and the Student Technology Resource Guide available on the Office of Information Technology's website.

Q: Where can I find information about tuition and financial aid?   

A: Please see the following links: Tuition and Fees and Office of Financial Aid  

Q: When will I receive my bill? When it is due?   

A: In order to avoid being dropped from classes, you must pay your tuition and fees in full before the first day of classes for the session for which you are registered.

Click here to view a detailed video outlining the five ways to pay your bill: paying online, paying over the phone, paying in person, paying by mail, or third-party agreements. For more detailed information about billing, please contact the Bursar's Office at 443-885-3108 or

Q: What Morgan's policy on refunds and billing adjustments?

A: Morgan's policies are explained on pages 47-49 of the current Undergraduate Academic Catalog.

Q:  How many classes can I take during Summer School?

A:  A student can pursue a maximum of eight (8) credit hours per summer session.  Per the Undergraduate Academic Catalog, "authorization for schedules in excess of eight credits must be secured from the Dean of the school or college in which a student is enrolled."  Excess credit forms or letters of permission signed by your Dean should be directed to the Office of Summer Session and Special Programs.

Q: When will Summer School begin and end?

A:   For past, present and future academic calendars, please click here.

Q: When can I begin registering for Summer School classes?

A: Early registration for Summer Sessions I and II begins April 13, 2020. The last day to add a class is June 3, 2020 (for Summer Session I) and July 15, 2020 (for Summer Session II). For past, present, and future academic calendars, please click here.

Q: Does Morgan State University offer summer programs for children and youth?

A: Yes! These programs are offered through the Center for Continuing and Professional Studies office. Please click here for more information.     

Q: I am a Morgan undergraduate student and I'm considering taking a course off-campus at another institution during the Summer Session or Winter Session. Can your office assist me with this process?

A: You will need to contact the Office of the Registrar for advice on this process. For more information, click this link.

If you have any questions,  email