Special Programs

ESL Orientation, Summer 2013

The purpose of the Division of Academic Outreach and Engagement is to expand the knowledge and instructional services provided by Morgan State University into larger Baltimore City and Maryland metropolitan communities.  The Division organizes courses, programs, institutes, and initiatives designed to engage community residents, public officials, and business and civic leaders in the use of knowledge derived from faculty and student research, the sharing of mutually beneficial resources, and the appropriate and timely dispatch of University experts and professionals to collaborate in addressing community concerns.

Chief among the goals of the Division of Academic Outreach and Engagement are:

  • facilitating the concentration of scholarly research, creative activities, and public service programs within a defined radius (i.e., the Morgan Mile) around the University in order to give significant priority to solving difficult social problems prevalent in urban communities like Baltimore;
  • facilitating the civic engagement, community service, volunteer, and research activities of Morgan's faculty and students to improve academic performance among students enrolled in the public schools, promote economic development, enhance public safety and improve the health and social welfare of those residing in local communities;
  • assisting in the internationalization of the University's curriculum, programs, and campus activities, in order to expand its relationship with people and institutions from a variety of countries and to enhance and diversify the learning experiences for students;
  • developing collaborative relationships with small businesses, libraries, public officials, community and civic organizations to promote lifelong learning and increased employment opportunities; and,
  • facilitating the extension of the research, instruction, and public service of faculty and students to improve the cultural and social quality of life for the residents of communities surrounding the University.

Current special programs include: