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Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff


Dr. Patricia Williams-Lessane - Associate Vice President

Dr. Solomon Alao - Assistant V.P for Outcome Assessment

Dr. Farzad Moazzami - Interim Assistant Vice President

Mr. Nicholas Kovach - Director of Strategic Initiatives and Operations

Dr. Yacob Astatke - Asst. VP International Affairs

Ms. Yolanda Seabrooks - Career Pathways Initiative Project Manager

Ms. Ardenia Myrick - Assistant to the provost

Mrs. Sharon Oliver-Whitehurst - Budget Officer

Ms. Sherrie Eaton - Faculty & Academic Service Coordinator

Mr. Jason Green - Front Desk Receptionist and Administrative Support 

Ms. Jordyn Richardson - Academic Affairs Coordinator

Ms. Tessa Collins - Administrative Assistant to the Provost


Dr. Maryanne Akers - Dean of the School of Achitecture and Planning
Dr. Fikru Boghossian - Dean of the School of Business and Management
Dr. Mark Garrison - Dean of the School of Graduate Studies
Dr. Anna McPhatter - Dean of the School of Social Work
Dr. Mbare Ngom - Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Dr. Oscar Barton - Dean of the School of Engineering
Dr. Kim Sydnor - Dean of the School of Community Health and Policy
Dr. Glenda Prime - Dean of the School of Education and Urban Studies
Dr. Dewayne Wickham - Dean of the School of Global Journalism and Communication
Dr. Hongtao Yu - Dean of the School of Computer Mathematical and Natural Sciences
Dr. Burney Hollis - Dean Emeritus
Dr. Eugene Deloatch - Dean Emeritus


Dr. Richard Bradberry - Director, Library
Ms. Sharronn Johnson - Title III Coordinator
- Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Mr. Pace McConkie, Esq. - Director, Center For Civil Rights
Dr. Darryl L. Peterkin - Director of Honors College
Dr. Cheryl Rollins - Director Institutional Research
Ms. Kate Weeks - Director of Student Disability and Support Services
Dr. Jonathan Wilson - Director SEMAA/BUSI
Dr. Raymond Winbush - Director of the Institute for Urban Research