MSU Blogs

Welcome to Morgan State University’s multisite WordPress network.  This is a tool for blogs for personal and academic use.  It is built on WordPress, a free, open-source package. Morgan State University Blogs is easy to use and is available to all faculty, staff, and departments at Morgan State University.

MSU Blogs for are now available for Prelaunch Use:

We invite you to create a blog and begin testing this service. 

MSU Blogs is open to all faculty, researchers, staff, and departments for both business and personal use. It’s very easy to create your new blog. Just follow the instructions below. Happy blogging!!!

For Use:

Individual-blogs are defined as those blogs for faculty/staff to showcase their research/work and to share their personal perspectives.

Departmental-blogs are defined as those blogs for purposes of communicating to the public, a specific agenda or effort on behalf of the respective office.

How to register for a blog? Click here to get started!