CMS (Content Management System)

The Web Content Management System (CMS) here at Morgan State University is a platform that allow colleges/schools and academic/administrative departments access to maintain content on their pages that fall under their web/institutional infrastructure.

Each department has a set of content authors/publishers that are responsible for maintaining their portion of the MSU website.  If you see information that is out of date or inaccurate, please contact your department content author/publisher.  If you are not certain of who this individual is, please contact us directly at

  • CMS Unavailable

    On Tuesday, June 24th at 3:30pm the CMS will be unavailable due to maintenance.  This outage should go for the duration of the rest of the afternoon.  The system should be up and operational by Wednesday, June 25th.  If there are any questions, please contact Thanks!

  • Web CMS Updated

    The Web Content Management System has been updated with Service Release 7, which addresses several fixes in the system, including the Preview bug that was mentioned in an earlier post.  If there are any questions/comments, please feel free to email us!

  • CMS Maintenance

    Due to required maintenance, the CMS will be unavailable.  Please continue to check this site for all status updates. Thank you.

  • CMS Training Update: 9/16/13

    Hello Everyone: We currently still do not have a location identified to being hosting training once again, however we are taking training requests on an as-needed basis.  Scheduling for this training will be in conjunction with the availability of our Web CMS trainer. If you are interested in receiving training or need a refresher’s training, please send your request to…

  • Training Update: Fall 2013

    Hello Everyone! Welcome back to the Fall 2013 school year!  Just wanted to provide an update regarding training.  We currently do not have a schedule up for Fall 2013, as we were displaced from our regularly scheduled training lab location.  We are currently surveying the campus in search for a new area in which we can host our training sessions….