Official Colors

Primary Colors
Color is one of the most important elements of the Morgan State University identity system. The colors on the right are the official colors for Morgan State. Morgan State logos should not be reproduced in any other colors. If these colors are not available, the logos should be printed in all black or reversed in white (whichever offers the best contrast).


Morgan Blue
in lieu of which use *Pantone® 288
Process Equivalent: 100C-65M-30K
RGB: 27R-67G-131B
Hex: #1B4383

Morgan Orange
in lieu of which use Pantone® 1655
Process Equivalent: 65M-87Y
RGB: 244R-121G-55B
Hex: #F47937

Secondary Colors
In addition to the official school colors shown above, the Morgan State identity system utilizes brown and gold as important support colors. Brown is used as the color of the bear and gold is used as an additional outline color


Morgan Brown
in lieu of which use *Pantone® 728
Process Equivalent: 18M-43Y-11K

Morgan Gold
in lieu of which use Pantone® 136
Process Equivalent: 27M-79Y