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CMS does not load after login in Internet Explorer 10

Statement Of Issue Users on Internet Explorer 10 (or later) may not be able to log into the Web Content Management System. Symptom Logging into the CMS with Internet Explorer 10 results in the loading screen reaching 100 percent, but not redirecting to the CMS interface. Resolution To work around this issue within Internet Explorer 10, enable Compatibility View for the CMS site. More information on Compatibility View can be found on the Microsoft website…
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Can’t login to the CMS

Possible Reason(s) Not an authorized publisher/author for your department/school/college/program Ongoing updates may be occurring while you are logged in Solution(s) Speak to your supervisor about becoming a content author/publisher and signing you up for training Log out of the system and visit the CMS section of this website to see if there is a report of any ongoing updates or possible system outages taking place.
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