Forming a New Student Organization

Students who may not find a current club or organization to fit their interest, may start their own. However, there are several things to consider before embarking on the recognition process:

  • Is the need that will be addressed by your proposed organization already being filled by another student organization? If so, please consider joining the existing organization rather than starting a new one.
  • Does the proposed organization have durability, i.e. is there a reasonable potential that the organization can attract new members on a yearly basis so that it can remain viable after the initial members graduate from Morgan? If not, you may want to find ways to pursue your interests that do not involve creating a new organization.
  • Is the membership willing to actively participate in the Morgan student organization community and develop programs and events that foster relationships with the entire Morgan campus and the surrounding community?
  • Applications for a new student organization are only accepted in the months of November and March.

Student groups desiring to be officially recognized as a student organization at Morgan State University must submit the following application components to Office of Student Activities, USC Suite 300:

  1. New Student Organization application
  2. Purpose of organization and its benefits to the University
  3. List of officers and the names of at least eight other students and their student ID numbers who desire to be members
  4. Membership requirements
  5. A signed statement from a full-time University administrator or faculty member on University letterhead consenting to serve as advisor that includes that individuals email address and telephone number
  6. Constitution and By-Laws
  7. Written consent from the national organization, if applicable
  8. Types of activities planned
  9. Dues statement, if applicable

The purpose, program and constitution of the proposed organization must not be in conflict with the polices, rules and regulations of the University.

Once application packets are received, they are reviewed by the Coordinator for Student Activities and then forwarded to the Vice President for Student Affairs for final approval. The Vice President for Student Affairs may elect to approve an organization on a trial basis, stipulating that one year must elapse from the date of approval before a final decision for recognition will be rendered.

Notification of approval or non-approval will be communicated in writing within 30 days of submission. Organizations approved in the fall must attend a New Student Organization Orientation in February. Organizations approved in March must attend the annual Student Organizations Summit in September. Failure to attend the aforementioned events will result in the termination of the new organization.

Upon final approval, a permanent file will be kept in the Office of Student Activities and the proposed organization must comply on an annual basis with the existing standards for all registered organizations. The University shall exercise sole and complete discretion whether to approve a proposed student organization.