Student Government Association

The Student Government Association at Morgan State University is a vital force in the lives of all members of the university community. The university encourages students to appreciate the privileges of and to assume the responsibilities for self-government. The activities and responsibilities of the Student Government are deliberately substantive and designed and operated as real life experiences for training students to function effectively and to take responsibility in the greater community of life.

The Student Government Association is the official student governing body at Morgan State University. It strives to instill a feeling of collective work and responsibility in an effort to reiterate that achievement of common objectives depends on a cohesive attitude among students. The SGA stresses that activity goals must be supported by a strong factual base. A clear understanding of problems must be ascertained as a first step of problem solutions.

SGA President
SGA Vice President
Alvin Hill
SGA President
Rashad Staton
SGA Vice President
Mr. & Miss Morgan State University
Monzona Whaley, Mr. Morgan State University
Aysha Williams, Miss Morgan State University


(R)eform   (R)estore   (R)ebirth

Mission Statement: The Hill-Staton Administration aims to restore the Student Government Association legacy by first reforming the business aspect that Student Government Association prides itself on. It is our responsibility to aid each student whenever, however, and wherever needed. This administration will commit itself to restoring the legacy of school pride by partnering with on-campus organizations to enhance the student life experience on campus. It is our aim to reform the functions of the Student Government Association by ensuring that it better serves students, keep students aware of important issues and information important to life after Morgan, and to provide quality programming and events that will enhance the Morgan man and women. Finally, we believe that with the support of the Morgan State community this administration will bring about “The Rebirth” that will continue to push us into “growing the future and leading the world” here and beyond Morgan State University.

- Add new administrative positions to better serve SGA and students.

  • Executive Director
  • Director of Marketing
  • Brand Manager
  • Advocacy Director

- Mandate that all SGA executive board members work no less than 15 hour a week
- Collaborate with various University departments to leverage additional resources for students
- Utilize Blackboard to increase communications with students
- Construct a new website for SGA and release a phone app for iPhone and Android users

- Restructure the Student Council meetings by transitioning to once a month receptions composed of all active student organizations to discuss and debrief on how we can better enhance the Morgan State student
- Partner with on-campus organizations to enhance programming initiatives
- Expand the duties and responsibilities of the Umoja Council
- Partner with scholarly organizations to increase the academic success of all students

“The Rebirth”
We believe that with our strategic plan to reform and restore different aspects of our Student Government Association will motivate each student to “grow the future and lead the world.”