Morgan State University School of Graduate Studies

Handbook and Style Guide for Dissertations and Theses

The School of Graduate Studies publishes the Handbook and Style Guide for Dissertations and Theses (Handbook) in order to assist you in the preparation of your doctoral dissertation or master’s thesis. In order to provide minimum guidelines common to all disciplines, this Handbook includes specific format requirements for the School of Graduate Studies. Information in the Handbook should also be helpful to graduate coordinators, faculty, advisors, committee chairpersons, and committee members for understanding standards and requirements for writing dissertations and theses. The School of Graduate Studies expects that all dissertations and theses will consist of research that is educationally significant and methodologically sound. At Morgan State University, dissertations are required for the award of all doctoral degrees. Currently, all candidates for Master of Arts degrees must prepare theses. Theses may also be required of candidates seeking Master of Science degrees as well as candidates from a number of specialized Master’s degrees. Please consult the current School of Graduate Studies Catalog, 2010-2013 and meet with your graduate advisor to determine whether your program requires a thesis