History of Library Buildings



Carnegie Hall was erected in 1919 from funds made available by the Carnegie Corporation.  The first official library was housed in this building.  In 1920, Mary Elizabeth Washington was appointed the first full time trained librarian of Morgan College.  In 1926 Beulah M. Davis became the librarian until her retirement in 1965.

Morris A. Soper Library  was erected in 1939.  The library building was named for the Honorable Judge Morris A. Soper, who served as a member and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the College for thirty-four years. The building  that later became Banneker Communication Center housed the library until it moved to a new location in the Summer of 1974.


The Library moved to a contemporary brick and concrete four-story structure in 1974 on the South side of the campus.  This building was completed at the cost of four million dollars, with an additional million for furnishing and equipment.  The building retained its previous name. .