Office of Telecommunication Services

Office of Telecommunication Services

The Office of Telecommunication Services is located in the Montebello Complex, Lower Level - Room C-07 and is responsible for providing the communication network for the University. The many facets of communication services include voice network management, video services, residential/student telephone network, postal services and service repair and maintenance.

The primary scope of the operation of Telecommunication Services is to provide affordable communication designs at the lowest possible cost to the University, and to enhance the current services and satisfy expansion growth. Telecommunication Services is a service oriented, revenue generating operation. It is envisioned that the operation would meet the needs of the faculty and staff population as well as the residential and commuter student demands.

General Services

  • To place an order for adds, moves or changes, please submit your request in writing to the Director of Telecommunication Services. Approvals and certification of funds must be submitted prior to commencement of work. Please allow 4-5 working days for completion of work after approval has been granted.
  • For on-campus Directory Assistance, please dial "0" for the University Operator. Please advise the University Operator of any personnel changes to ensure an accurate directory.

Long Distance Calls Policy
Long distance telephone communications are limited to official calls that cannot be satisfied through written communication. Personal long distance calls must be made with a calling card and charged to a non-University number. The University Operator will not place long distance calls. All departments have designated which personnel should have long distance access. Please see your area director for long distance dialing authority.

Voice Mail Utilization Regulations
Telephones with individual voice mailboxes are programmed to redirect calls to voice mail when in use (Call Forward Busy) or when they are not answered within four rings (Call Forward No Answer). Telephones without voice mail can be programmed by the user, with "Call Forward Busy or Call Forward No Answer," to an appropriate extension within the user's department.

Due to State of Maryland regulations, the voice mail system is designed to allow callers to exit voice mail and reach a live person by dialing "0." In almost all cases, dialing zero will connect the caller to the main departmental number. Departmental numbers also have departmental voice mailboxes; however, these voice mail boxes are not to be utilized during normal business hours and calls will not be redirected automatically. The appropriate person in each department will activate the redirect departmental voice mailbox option at the end of each business day and deactivate the function at the start of the following business day. It is the responsibility of each department to ensure that their main telephone number is answered during normal business hours.

University Switchboard Special Event Notification
The University Switchboard is an invaluable tool for persons organizing special events on Morgan State University's campus. Often people call the University Switchboard in search of information concerning a particular event taking place on the campus, which the University Switchboard staff cannot provide, if they have not been apprised. To this end, all faculty and staff are advised to forward all pertinent information concerning special events they intend to hold on the campus (conferences, concerts, testing, reunions, etc.) to the Office of Telecommunication Services.

University Post Office
The University Post Office is also located in the Montebello Complex, Lower Level - Room C-07. The Post Office processes incoming and outgoing mail for faculty, staff and students. While most University mail is delivered to designated offices, a limited quantity of mailboxes are available to faculty and staff in the Post Office. Postal fees for University related mail are charged to departmental budgets on a monthly basis. Remember: Using pre-printed University envelopes for personal mail is forbidden and could result in disciplinary action. Other postal services include the following:

  • U.S. Post Office Express Mail
  • U.S. Post Office Priority Mail
  • Certified Mail with Return Receipt
  • Insured Mail

Emergency Release/Closure Procedures
Emergency circumstances may arise resulting in campus activities being postponed, delayed or canceled when the safety and general welfare of students, faculty and staff may be adversely affected (i.e., power outages, weather, etc.). During each occurrence, the University will advise faculty, staff and students of the services and the persons to be affected through the following means of communication:

  • The University's website - *
  • Main University Telephone Number - 443.885.3333*
  • WEAA - 88.9 FM (Morgan State University's Radio Station)
  • A variety of other radio and television stations
    *- Official Sources. Others are unofficial.

If an individual is unable to obtain information through the aforementioned means, the University Police Department may be contacted at 443-885-3103.

For more information concerning the services provided, please contact the Office of Tele-Communication Services at 443-885-3900; or stop by our office, located in the Montebello Complex, Lower Level, Room C-07.