PUBLICATIONS in the Spotlight

Dr. Archibaild Dr. Daniels

Archibald, PC, Dobson Sydnor, K, Daniels, K., & Bronner, Y (2013).   Explaining African-Americans' depressive symptoms: a stress-distress and coping perspective.  Journal of Health Psychology, 18(3), 321-31.

Professor Yancey Dr. Baldwin

Yancey, K., Baldwin, T., Saran, A. & Vakalahi, H.F.O. (2014).  City Life-What a Wonderful Way of Life: Aging in the Urban Environment.  In Vakalahi, HFO, Simpson, G., & Guinta, N.  The Collective Spirit of Aging Across Cultures.  Springer Media and Business Publishing.

Dana Wilson Bango

Banigo, D.M., & Wilson, D.B. (2014).  The Multi-Ethnic Placement Act (MEPA) and Inter-Ethnic Placement Provisions (IEP) Must be Revisited and Revised.  Social Policy: Organizing for Economic and Social Justice.