PRESENTATIONS in the Spotlight

"Morgan  in the  House"

Morgan School of Social Work Scholars

(9 Faculty and 4 PhD Students)

presented at

"Physical Health and Social Support of Grandparents Raising Adopted Grandchildren"
[Minli Liao]

 Dr. Minli Liao

"Keeping it Real:
Strengthening the Practice Voice in Social Work Education"
[Lisa McGuire, Sarah Ferguson, Tamarah Moss, & Yvonne Greene]

Prof. Yvonne Greene, Chair BSW Department

"Black people, Health and Environmental Justice"
[L.G. Van Sluytman & P. Sheppard]

"Community Organizing in Austere times, a Baltimore Story"
[L.G. Van Sluytman, D. Torres, D. Coleman, & B. McLeod]

Dr. Laurens Van Sluytman

"A Hip-Hop Psychotherapy Group as an Intervention for
Cognitive Restructuring"
[P. Archibald & A. Estreet]

Drs. Archibald and Estreet

Dr. Anthony Estreet; Dr. Paul Archibald

"Social Entrepreneurship: An HBCU Inter-professional Project"
[Paul Archibald]

Dr. Paul Archibald

"Exploring Tobacco and Marijuana use among Muslim
adolescent males"
[M. Taqi Tirmazi]

"Narratives of Muslim Adolescents Transitioning Into
Emerging Adulthood"
[M. Taqi Tirmazi]

Dr. Taqi Tirmazi

"Addressing Sexual Violence on Campus: A Call for
Advocacy and Leadership"
[Judy L. Postmus, Sarah McMahon, Denise McLane-Davison, & Rhonda Wells-Wilbon]

Drs. Davsion and Wilbon

Dr. Denise Davison; Dr. Rhonda Wells-Wilbon; Dr. Judy L. Postmus; Dr. Sarah McMahon

"Been a Mule:
Black Women's Loss as a Catalyst for Social Change"
[Denise McLane-Davison & Melissa Littlefield]

Drs. Littlefield and Davison

Dr. Melissa Littlefield; Dr. Tonya Perry-Mitchell; Dr. Denise Davison; Dr. Denise Davis-Maye


"Resilience factors of African American women who have
experienced Trauma"
[Darlene Toney, Dawnsha Mushonga, & S. Rasheem]


Darlene Toney, Dawnsha Mushonga & S. Rasheem

"Mentoring African American female doctoral students"
[Ali-Sha Alleman & S. Rasheem]

S. Rasheem & Ali-Sha Alleman