Faculty and Staff


Dr. Halaevalu Vakalahi

Associate Dean and Professor


Dr. Paul Archibald

BSW Department


Dr. Sandra Austin

MSW Department


Dr. Sandra Chipungu

Chair, Ph.D Department


Professor Johanna Cottman

Asst. Director, Field Education


Dr. Kevin Daniels

BSW Department


Dr. Linda Darrell

MSW Department


Mrs. Sherrie Eaton

Administrative Assistant


Dr. Anthony Estreet

MSW Department


Professor Yvonne Greene

Chair, BSW Department


Dr. Kimberly Johnson

Director, Title IV-E Public Child Welfare Program


Dr. Melissa Littlefield

Chair, MSW Department


Professor Thelma Rich

Director, Field Education


Dr. Michael Sinclair

MSW Department


Mrs. Almeta Sly-Thompson

BSW/MSW/PhD Departments


Ms. Crystal Smith-Mason

Administrative Assistant


Dr. Dawn Thurman

BSW Department


Dr. Taqi Tirmazi

MSW Department


Dr. Dana Wilson

Director, Student Affairs & Admissions