Ph.D Graduates

Dr. Baldwin

Tamika Baldwin, MSW, Ph.D
Dissertation: Depression and Older, Community-Dwelling, African American Women.

Dr. Baldwin hails from Detroit, Michigan, a newlywed, the youngest and first female member in her family to have earned a doctorate degree.  She has studied and practiced social work both in the US and internationally.  Her educational career included studying in Mexico and Senegal during her undergraduate and at University of Ghana-Accra during her graduate program.  Upon earning her MSW from Michigan State University, she worked as a social worker for older adults and adults with disabilities in London, UK and thereafter worked as a foster care worker in Detroit, MI.  Dr. Baldwin developed a passion for gerontology as an MSW student and subsequently became involved in the John A. Hartford Foundation Practicum Partnership Program for Aging.  She was also a recipient of the Association for Gerontology in Social Work (AGESW) Pre-Dissertation Initiative.  Dr. Baldwin began her research career in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) at the University of Michigan.  Since, she has worked as an enumerator for the U.S. Census Bureau, a case reviewer for the Foster Care Court Improvement Project, a field researcher for Communities Engaged & Advocating for a Smoke-Free Environment (CEASE), and a field researcher for the National Institute on Drug Abuse through George Mason University and University of Baltimore.  Dr. Baldwin has participated in many conferences including the Gerontological Society of America, Society for Social Work and Research, Global Social Work Student Conference, and Social Work Day at the UN.  In terms of publications, Dr. Baldwin is the second author on a chapter titled "City Life: What a Wonderful Way of Life - Aging in the Urban Environment" in The Collective Spirit of Aging Across Cultures; and first author on an article titled "Where is Spirituality in Social Work," currently under review.  For the future, Dr. Baldwin plans to continue conducting comparative analyses of older adult services in the U.S. and worldwide, and create a non-profit agency for older adults. 

Dr. Jones

Kenya C. Jones, MSW, Ph.D
Dissertation: The Relationship between Ideal Mentoring and Selected Characteristics of African American Social Work Doctoral Students.

Dr. Jones is an Assistant Professor at Clark Atlanta University, GA.  She currently teaches Autonomous Practice, Advanced Social Work Practice, Field Seminar, and Psychopathology.  She also serves as a member of the Recruitment and Academic Council at the University.  Her research areas of interest include mentoring relationships, domestic violence, and child welfare.  She has presented her research at the National Association of Black Social Workers, Society for Social Work Research and Council on Social Work Education conferences.  Prior to joining Clark Atlanta University, Dr. Jones was an adjunct faculty and graduate assistant at Morgan State University in the MSW and PhD Departments.  Her professional experiences include case management, strategic planning, consultation, event coordination, career development as well as expertise in program development and evaluation, needs assessment, and data analysis.  Dr. Jones earned her Bachelor's in Criminal Justice from Virginia State University; Master's in Social Work from Howard University; and Ph.D in Social Work from Morgan State University.  

Dr. Lane

Tiffany Lane, MSW, Ph.D
Dissertation: African American Youths Who Age Out of the Foster Care System:  Constructing Factors Contributing to Their Enrollment and Progress in Postsecondary Institutions.  

Dr. Lane is an Assistant Professor in the Undergraduate Social Work Department at West Chester University of Pennsylvania.  She earned her Bachelor of social work from West Chester University, her Master of social work from Howard University School of Social Work and her Ph.D from Morgan State University School of Social Work.  She conducts research on African Americans who age out of the foster care system, specifically examining the factors contributing their enrollment and progression in post-secondary institutions.  Additional research interests include social policies and practices that impact young adults who age out of the foster care system, and the development and retention of youth serving programs in urban communities. Dr. Lane's direct practice in the field of social work is working with non-profit and for-profit organizations that provide mental health services and supports to individuals and families.  Additionally, she is the co-founder of Phenomenal Young Ladies, Inc. a non-profit youth based organization supporting adolescent ladies in Chester, PA.


Dr. Omuyeh

Goodluck Ujiro Omuyeh, Ph.D
Dissertation: Factors Associated with Suicidality Among African American Youth in a Community Based Residential Facility in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Omuyeh is an Evaluation Supervisor in the Behavioral Health and Forensic Services of Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) in Philadelphia, PA.  His scholarship interests are in training, behavior modification strategies, youth studies, and policy analysis.  Dr. Omuyeh was an Institutional Decosta Graduate Scholar at Morgan State University.  He came to the US from Nigeria under the Dr. Sonny Odogwu Scholarship Foundation at Lincoln University, PA.  His professional experiences include case management, behavior specialist consultant, mobile therapist, and program director with Devereux Foundation, and lead clinician with Intercommunity Action in Philadelphia.  Dr. Omuyeh is a published poet and holds graduate degrees in administration, communication arts, and education.  

Dr. Rice

Tiffany C. Rice, MSW, Ph.D
Dissertation: Predicting Sexually Victimized Women's Mental Health and Substance Use Help-Seeking Behavior.

Dr. Rice is a licensed clinical social worker.  Her areas of research, practice, and teaching expertise include substance abuse treatment and prevention, women's health, psychiatry, mental health therapy, child welfare and program evaluation and development.  In terms of research, her career began as a fellow in the National Institute of Mental Health Career Opportunities in Research Program (NIMH-COR) as an undergraduate student.  She was trained in mixed methods research, specializing in qualitative research.  Upon completing the NIMH-COR program, Dr. Rice worked as a qualitative researcher at Morgan State University Prevention Sciences Research Center, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (Geriatrics), University of Maryland Schools of Social Work and Medicine (Psychiatry), and Advocates for Children and Youth.  She currently serves on the editorial board for the Qualitative Report, a peer-reviewed journal.  As future directions, Dr. Rice intends to continue her research and clinical practice on girl's and women's health in the USA and abroad.  She aspires to specialize in translational research, in which her research can be developed into tangible social work practice.  Dr. Rice earned her B.S. in Social Work from Morgan State University; Master's in Social Work from Columbia University; and Ph.D in Social Work from Morgan State University.

Dr. Vaughn

Janet Vaughn, MSW, Ph.D
Dissertation: Lived Experiences of Military Lesbians who served under the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy.

Dr. Vaughn is currently slotted as the service chief of behavioral health at Ft. Carson, Colorado Spring, CO. As a future direction, she intends to make her dissertation research the focus for policy changes in the United States Armed Forces as a way to advocate for provision of equal services to all service members. As a military social worker, Dr. Vaughn has been stationed at Fort Hood, TX; deployment in Iraq; Walter Reed Army Medical Center; and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. She has been the chief of Family Advocacy Program (FAP) which provides services to military families dealing with allegations of spouse and child abuse. During her deployment in Iraqi, she was the chief of behavioral health services serving over 7000 soldiers. Her career also included working as a clinical residential treatment counselor with Youth Villages in Memphis, TN, where she provided behavioral counseling for teenage girls and boys in a group home, and their families. She provided therapy for sexual and child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, defiant behavior, low functioning behavior, self-esteem issues, sexually transmitted diseases, healthy relationships, and domestic violence.  Dr. Vaughn received her B.A. from Livingston College, MSW from University of South Carolina, and Ph.D from Morgan State University. As part of her plans for lifelong learning, she also recently graduated from the National Consortium Social Work Fellowship in Child and Family Practice, focusing on child, family, and marital therapy.