Brian  Naughton



M.A. - Speech/Broadcasting; Ohio State University
B.S. - English, Speech and Theatre; SUNY Oneonta

I don’t merely lecture. I don’t only teach. I practice my craft and bring those experiences back into the classroom. Whether working with Robert Townsend or with Kevin Spacey, I share these professional moments with my students.

So I am better described as a Practitioner, rather than just a Professor. By bringing current technology being used in the field, the students are exposed to the latest equipment and techniques. These vary from the use of lights to the features of cameras and how they are mounted and utilized. Directing these elements is also discussed.

Being of child of media, I can bring forth the early history of television when it first became a mass medium. Growing up in New York; I saw and heard the best of the best of media. Through my performance skills, I bring the subject matter to life in labs and class. So my students don’t get droning, but get “theatre,” for lack of a better term, to enliven and make memorable the information imparted. Many alumni remind me of the class, with a chuckle, where I portrayed union workers.

Modern technology/media have information coming at us quickly and in many forms…hence, my practice!