LaMonte  Summers



J.D. - Law; Boston College Law School
M.A. - Telecommunications; Ohio University
B.S. - Broadcasting and Film; Boston University

LaMonte Summers is a full-time Lecturer. He came to MSU in 2003 as an adjunct (master’s program) and in 2004 joined the faculty full-time. Before coming to MSU he worked for over 10 years at several universities, teaching a wide range of journalism and mass communication (including speech) courses. During this period he also developed new journalism courses to fulfill a university’s diversity requirements, co-directed a Basic Course Program, and advised students/staffers involved in student-operated college media.

Professionally, he has worked as a communication attorney (private practice), an FCC attorney, a legal consultant/advisor, a radio news reporter, an editorial assistant with a major newspaper, and a radio DJ.

While at MSU, he has taught undergraduate courses ranging from public speaking, media culture/literacy, and communication law to graduate courses such as telecommunications structure and regulation. He has also developed Entertainment Law as a special topics course.

Research interests include minority, women and/or community media access, participation and ownership; communications policymaking; digital media and regulation; media economy and regulation; entertainment law; and law and popular culture.