E.R.  Shipp

Associate Professor & Journalist-in-Residence


J.D. - Columbia University
M.A. - History; Columbia University
M.S. - Journalism; Columbia University
B.A. - Journalism; Georgia State University

E. R. Shipp is a journalist-scholar with advanced degrees from Columbia University (M.S. in journalism, M.A. in history, J.D. in law) and from life. Though born in Conyers, Ga., nearly six months before Rosa Parks was arrested in Montgomery, Ala., she is and will forever be a denizen of the village of Harlem, once the cultural capital of black America. If she had stuck with home economics, she might have become a B. Smith or a Martha Stewart. Instead, she is more of an Ida B. Wells, crusading in her own way – as a journalist and as an educator – for justice. Education, it has been said, is at the heart of the contemporary civil rights movement. While writing a syndicated column for the New York Daily News, she was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 1996; she continues to write news analyses and commentaries for the online publication The Root (www.theroot.com). She also continues to pursue research into the history of blacks in the South. Prof. Shipp resides in Baltimore, but is now and will forever be a fan of the New York Yankees!