Electrical & Computer Engineering 2+2 Program

Electrical & Computer Engineering 2+2 Program
Welcome to the Electrical and Computer Engineering 2+2 Online program at Morgan State University! We have an exciting and innovative online program designed to offer a flexible, affordable, accessible, and convenient program for those interested in pursuing careers in electrical engineering. Most of all, the 2+2 program allows you to complete the second half of a 4-year electrical engineering degree at your current institution or from any other location you choose.
The ECE program at Morgan State provides opportunity to help improve our quality of living by applying mathematical and physical concepts to help solve engineering problems. In striving to develop a program of the highest quality, this program seeks to instill in its students the confidence and competence required to meet the challenges associated with achieving and maintaining highly successful careers in electrical and computer engineering.

The 2+2 ECE program allows you to complete the 3rd and 4th year of a 4-year degree program completely online and receive a BSEE in Electrical Engineering from
Morgan State,
Designed for graduates of the Associate degree in Electrical Engineering from another University or Community College.
Allows a maximum of seventy (70) credit hours from a community college or 4-year institution towards fulfillment of the minimum one hundred thirty-three (133) credit hours required for baccalaureate completion.
Credit Hours comprises General Education (48/49 credits); University 2 credits;Mathematics & Science (24 credits); Engineering Core (43 credits); Electives or Concentration (15 credits)

Why Join the Electrical Engineering Family at Morgan?
The first and only electrical engineering program that allows completion of all laboratory courses online
Innovative, motivated, committed and highly qualified faculty
Innovative teaching and curricula
State of the art facilities
Inclusive research philosophy for undergraduate students
A supportive learning environment
Financial assistance available
Strong industry, government and alumni connections and support

Research Areas in ECE

Communications Networks

Software Defined Radio
Data/Sensor Fusion
Visual Analytics
Signal Processing
Image Processing
Power ElectronicsElectronic Materials and Devices
Microwave/mm-wave circuits and systems
Applied Electromagnetics
Biomedical Engineering

Admission Requirements
Students may complete the Morgan ECE curriculum part time or full-time, online or face-to-face, or in any combination thereof
To be admitted you will need to have the following credit and grade point average (GPA):0-11 credits, a 2.0 GPA and meet high school requirements
12-23 credits, a 2.0 GPA and meet SAT requirements
24 or more credits, a 2.0 GPA