• "Security Systems Engineering Architectural Model for Assessing Enterprise Networks: Applications for Neural Networks" Charlotte Moorer March 2014


  • "Implementing a Virtual Firewall in A Cloud Environment Using A Software- And Hardware-Based Solution" Arya Golriz Dec 2013


  • "Optimal Investment In IS Security: A Game Theoretical Approach" Jian Hua 2010

Masters Projects
May 2015

  • "A secure architecture for Bluetooth in Telemedicine" - Sekaran Jambursekan

May 2014

  • Introduction to Snort - A Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS) - Saeideh Barazagn

Dec 2013

  • Performing Vector Quantization (VQ) for an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) - Farhad Moazzami

May 2013

  • Distributed Denial of Service Attack and Recovery - Sandarva Khanal

Dec 2012

  • Cyber-security Vulnerability Testing - Cecilia Ayanwale

May 2012

  • Telemetry Network Intrusion Detection System - Nadim Maharjan

Senior Projects


  • Secure Voice Communication with Encryption - Bipin Mainali
  • "Gone in 90 Seconds" Password Security Exploitation - Jayson Glenn 


  • Passwords: Opportunities and Prevention - Sekaran Jambukesan
  • Proposing A Trace back Method for the Deferment of Disturbed Denial of Service - Wangui Macheria
  • Secure Haipe Cryptographic Module using Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS 140-2) - Shaquel Wade


  • Developing a Cyber Security Test Bed - Farzad Daryl Moten

Peer Reviewed Conference and Journal Publications





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Book Publications