M. Monique  McMillian

Associate Professor


Dr. M. Monique McMillian

Dr. McMillian earned her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology (with a focus on Development) at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC.  Her research focuses on

academic engagement, at the student, family, and school levels. Her early research analyzed student-level variables (e.g., race, gender, and self-perception measures); her current research explores a multilevel model of academic engagement. Most of this research to date has focused on African-American girls and boys; however, Dr. McMillian is interested in deepening her understanding of Latino students as well. Ultimately, she would like to determine the factors that maximize academic engagement and achievement in these student populations. To accomplish this goal, quantitative methods, including correlations, multiple linear regression, structural equation modeling and multilevel analyses are employed.

Dr. McMillian is a member of the Emerging Scholars Interdisciplinary Network, Psi Chi and the American Educational Research Association.