Dr. Marilyn  Rondeau

Graduate Program Director


Dr. Marilyn Rondeau is the Graduate Director for Administrator I programs and the Master of Arts in Teaching program in the Department of Teacher Education and Professional Development.  She joined the Morgan State University faculty in 2004 after serving as adjunct faculty since 1994.  Prior to her appointment to the faculty, Dr. Rondeau was Coordinator of Leadership Programs for the Baltimore City Public School System (BCPS).  Dr. Rondeau is an experienced school administrator having served for many years as the principal of Walbrook High School and assistant principal of West Baltimore Middle School.  Since coming to Morgan State University, she has reinstituted the Aspiring Leaders Partnership with BCPS, established a new Aspiring Leaders partnership with BCPS, and revised the Masters in Administration and Supervision and the Master of Arts in Teaching to meet national standards and state outcomes.