Dr. Henrietta  Wright

Individualized Study Plan Director


Dr. Wright received her PhD from the University of Maryland-College Park in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in Art Education. Her research interests include curriculum and instruction, human learning, cognition, motivation, assessment and individualized study plans, and technology in education. She has expertise in art and design, curriculum and instruction, motivation, technology, and assessment. Dr. Wright has written and published several research articles and reports in educational journals and edited book chapters.  She has also attended and presented papers at national, state, and local conferences on a variety of topics; conducted and participated in diverse workshops on education, retention, and assessment; and developed community and outreach programs.  Dr. Wright is the director of the Individualized Study Program (ISP), which was designed to assist all candidates in the teacher education programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels succeed on the Praxis I and II examinations. She is an accomplished educator in the Department of Teacher Education and Professional Development at Morgan State University.