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Open House Fashion Show Spring

 The designers that presented their designs in the Spring 2009 Family and Consumer Sciences Open House Fashion Show were: Brandon Kanion (Kamaristar), Kenney, J Alpha, Ambisions, Adrienne Sheppard, Lindsay Brooks, and Danielle Hairston.

Despite all the blood, sweat, and tears- the FACS Department Spring 2009 Fashion Show turned out to be a success. It took a lot of time, patience, creativity, energy, delegating, and self-motivation to create a successful fashion show. Let no one tell you that putting together a fashion show is an easy task.

The hard work that was involved in creating the show included: creating promotional materials, model calls, model practices, model fittings, creating a soundtrack for the show, finding designers to produce clothing for the show (in which they had their own personal struggles such as sewing machine blunders), to getting the models ready and dressed to perform. 


New York Trip Spring

The FACS Department took a class trip to New York on Saturday April 11, 2009. We visited a company called Circle Visual ( The company provides fabrics and custom solutions for visual merchandising and special events. We also visited Mood fabric store (, which was the fabric store of choice for the contestants from Bravo’s TV show, Project Runway. The day ended with a shopping trip, on the streets of Canal and Broadway.

While touring Circle Visual, with Sergio Magana as our guide, he explained to us that the company’s biggest client is Victoria’s Secret. A few of his colleagues stated some of their other previous clients were: singer Mariah Carry (built a directors chair for her), TV show Ugly Betty (made visuals for the show), and the producer from the HBO series Sex and the City (making a headboard for his bedroom). They are widely known among the retail world.

When visiting the Mood fabric store, students and faculty had the opportunity to shop various types of fabrics of choice. Mood contained three floor levels of fabrics. One of those floor levels contained home décor fabrics only. The staff at Mood fabric store were very friendly and helpful.

After leaving Mood fabric store we ventured to Canal Street. Students had the opportunity to shop Canal Street, Broadway, and Soho. The various stores available included: Guess by Marciano, Topshop, American Apparel, Ralph Lauren, Armani Exchange, and many more.


Family and Consumer Sciences Open House Fashion Show Spring

     FAM Model


Circle Visual and Mood Fabric Store in New York

Sergio Circle Visual  New York  Mood Fabrics New York