Dr. Obed  Norman

Associate Professor, Science Education


Dr. Obed Norman is Associate Professor of Science Education in the Graduate Programs in Science and Mathematics Education. In addition to guiding Doctoral Dissertations he also teaches courses in Science Education and general courses related to Urban Education and Community Colleges.  Dr Norman has been published in the top journal in his field and currently serves on the Editorial Board of that journal:  'The Journal of Research in Science Teaching{JRST)'.  Dr Norman has been the recipient of national grant awards totaling  well over Four Million Dollars and currently  serves as the  Principal Investigator and Director of an NSF funded research project aimed at improving science instruction and preventing student drop-out from schools.  He also serves as the co-Director of the  Baltimore Education Research Consortium {BERC). BERC is funded by local and national foundations for the purpose of addressing the educational needs of Baltimore children and families through targeted research conducted in cooperation with the Baltimore City Public School System.