Current Students

Current Students:

Thesis advisor's last name and the students expected graduation year is given in paranthesis unless stated otherwise:

  1. Mr. Biebele Abel (Aslan, 2015)
  2. Mr. Muzaffer Mohammed (Aslan, 2014)
  3. Mr. Solomon Tadesse (Aslan, 2015)
  4. Ms. Belygona Barare (Aslan, 2015)
  5. Mr. Erik Davenport (Fan, 2014)
  6. Mr. Behnam Tabatabai (Sitther, 2016)
  7. Mr. Lalith Naidu (Hohmann, 2015)
  8. Mr. Akinyele Oni (Akers, 2016)
  9. Mr. Olatoundji Yessoufou (Hoffman, 2016)
  10. Ms. Zainab Boone-Kukoyi (Enrolled in Fall 2014)
  11. Ms. Somayeh Gharaie (Hoffman and Koban, Enrolled in Fall 2014)
  12. Mr. Enock Bonyi (Aslan, Enrolled in Fall 2014)
  13. Ms. Janelle Guy (Chen, Enrolled in Fall 2014)
  14. Mr. Steven Brown

Graduates of our Program:

1. Dr. David H. Orsa (2010). Title: "Synthesis and fluorescence and in vitro cytotoxicity studies of some Re(I) diimine complexes", Morgan State University, 193 pages. 
Advised by: Dr. Santosh Mandal (Chemistry).