Office of Student Development

Bridging the Gap between Matriculation and Graduation

Cynthia Staley, M.A., Advisor


  • To offer outstanding academic and career advisement.
  • To provide  students with information and academic experiences that assist them in achieving academic success.
  • To improve SCMNS retention and graduation rates.
  • To increase the numbers of new incoming  STEM students  into SCMNS curricula.
  • To provide SCMNS students with peer tutoring /mentoring services.
  • To increase both student involvement  and awareness of MSU/SCMNS resources and activities.


1. Confer with students about problems and    academic/social adjustment concerns

2. Monitor student academic progress and identify at-risk students.

3. Contact and advise students who have not met their financial obligations.

4. Apprise students of scholarship and internship opportunities.

5. Proctor Accuplacer Tests and CLA  (longitudinal study assessing student learning outcomes).

6. Teach Freshmen Orientation Classes