The Summer Academy of Mathematics and Science program is an intensive six-week residential academic enrichment program designed to provide encouragement and foster excitement among students in mathematics and science. Our primary focus is on students from urban settings and underrepresented groups preparing to enter the 10th, 11th, or 12th grades. The program also focuses on graduates who plan to enroll, as Freshmen, in any program of the School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences. We welcome students from very diverse backgrounds who are united by the motivation to excel academically and a strong interest in the pursuing mathematics and science-based careers at the university level.

 The 35-50 applicants will be selected through a competitive application and interview process. Students spend six-weeks at Morgan State University attending mathematics, English, computer science, SAT preparation, career exploration and professional development classes. Students can obtain college-credit for mathematics course. The SAMS program provides students with remedial and accelerated courses, laboratory experiments, math and science field experiences, networking with math and science professionals and an introduction to the university environment. The combination of these activities are provided to both develop and enhance their science and mathematics knowledge capabilities while increasing math and science industry awareness and cultivating professional skills critical for success in these fields .

 The ultimate goal of the SAMS program is to increase the number of students from underrepresented communities with enhanced academic and technical skill in math and science to enter and achieve in related majors at college and ultimately pursuing the actuarial science career as well as other lucrative careers in mathematics and the natural sciences.

  The goals of the 2014 SAMS Program - June 16- July 25, 2014 are:

  • to provide encouragement and foster excitement among students from urban settings and underrepresented groups in mathematics and science who may come from very diverse backgrounds but united by the desire and motivation to excel academically.
  •  to provide students with tools to investigate various careers in mathematics and the sciences through hands-on projects, field trips and role models in industry as well as graduate school opportunities and scholarship options to provide students with a wider array of possibilities.
  • to build skills in mathematics, English and the sciences as well as standardized test-taking skills to help students excel on return to high school and to increase readiness for college admission in national math and science programs
  • to provide students with insight of the social college environment and clearer perceptions of the rigorous academic environment that is characteristic of these disciplines and related careers
  • to empower students through enhanced through study, time management and professional development skills so they can easily navigate academic as well as math and science environments allowing them to fully capitalize on all opportunities
  • to encourage a sense of social responsibility through promotion of critical thinking, civic awareness, team-building and leadership.